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2005-14 Mustang Weld RT-S S71 Drag Wheel

$358.34 USD - $2,425.56 USD

Lug Nut Info
Requires the use of 1/2-20 short shank style lug nuts. Not included.

Fitment Note
-Will NOT fit 2013-2014 Shelby GT500 rear brakes.
-Will NOT fit aftermarket rear big brake kit.

Weld Quality
Weld Racing wheels are proudly made here in the USA at their Kansas City, MO facility. The Weld RT-S S71 wheels utilize a forged billet center with cold forged rim shells for strength and durability. These light weight 3-piece wheels can handle a hefty 1,580lbs per wheel and 3,160lbs per axle.

TPMS Sensor Note
Due to the design of these wheels, standard Ford TPMS sensors are not compatible. Placing these wheels on your Mustang with TPMS sensors will cause the warning light to illuminate with a TPMS fault.

Drag Wheel/Lug Nut Disclaimer
When using longer than factory studs, an open end lug nut is required.