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Haltech IQ3 Street Logger Dash 4GB 20 EFI + 32 V-NET + 6 Direct input channels

$1,399.00 USD


Ideal for late model engine swap, aftermarket EFI system or a traditional carburetor and distributor setups.
Offers direct inputs for the integrated street functions, green indicators, blue high beam and red park brake/warning condition lights.
Stand alone friendly with cost effective configurable direct inputs for tach, road speed, display dimming, fuel level, oil pressure, oil and coolant temp.
Quick and reliable data logging via a 4gb MicroSD card.


ECUs Supported: Haltech Platinum, Pro Plugin and Elite Series, AEM, MSD Atomic, Electromotive, EMS Em-Tech, FAST XFI, FuelTech, Holley, InjePro, Life Racing F88, Link G4+, MaxxECU, MEFI 4B, MegaSquirt, MicroTech, MoTeC, OBDII, Pro EFI.
If you are connecting this product with a Platinum Pro Plug-in, Sport or Sprint ECU or multiple CAN device installation using a Platinum 3 or 6 port CAN HUB, please order a Haltech Tyco CAN Dash adaptor cable (HT-060200)
If you are connecting this product with a non Haltech ECU or an OBDII port, please order the matching CAN adaptor cable.