2015-2017 Mustang GT Solo Performance Exhaust Kits

$582.62 - $1,134.43
2015-2017 Mustang GT Solo Performance Exhaust Kits

All of our Performance Exhaust systems are full stainless steel units. Even the welds, flanges, O2 bungs and hangers are stainless.

At Solo Performance we know that the quality of the overall exhaust note is as important as the volume. We also understand that different customers desire different things in sound and aesthetics. That’s why we try to give appropriate choices to our customers by offering different kit configurations for the same car.

It is becoming increasingly difficult with today’s new vehicles to combat the issue of drone. Great care and dedication have been implemented into the test and design phase of our systems to make sure that we retain the tone without the drone.

Many things go into the making of a great performance exhaust kit. Fit, craftsmanship, overall volume, exhaust note, aesthetics, proper flow and horsepower increases, just to name a few! All of us at Solo Performance are very proud of the systems that we produce and our efforts behind the creation and design.