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2011-20 Mustang GT NItrous Express Plate Kit

2011-20 Mustang GT NItrous Express Plate Kit

$205.22 USD - $764.59 USD

What you’re getting:

2011-2020 5.0 Coyote Mustang Nitrous Plate Conversion
Billet Aluminum Throttle Body Spray Plate
TPS Autolearn Switch
2011-2020 Fuel Line Adapter
Solenoid Fittings
Extra Long Stainless Braided Nitrous Line
Stainless Braided Fuel Supply Line
Master Arming Switch
Relay and Harness Wiring
W.O.T Switch
35-200 Horsepower Jets
System Hardware Pack
Standard 10lb/15lb Stainless Nitrous Bottle Brackets
10 lb Powder-Coated Nitrous Bottle & High Flow Billet Aluminum Lightning 500 Bottle Valve (4AN Bottle Nipple)

Things you’ll want to know and do

When installing nitrous on any car, it is highly recommended that you change to a colder set of spark plugs. Also, your timing and air-fuel ratio should be tuned accordingly.

When tuning is in question, without a doubt take your car to trusted dyno with a reputable tuner.
A Window switch is strongly recommended for installation. We recommend: NX-18959
This Nitrous Kit includes a W.O.T microswitch for activating the kit at W.O.T.

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